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Make Your Pictures Readable, Literally


A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture might be worth a thousand words... it can also be made of a thousand words.

Text Photo will help you with the latter. This app will convert a picture into words using your selected font. Just choose a picture, words, and a font... the app will do the rest.

pic beforepic after


Choose from over a thousand open fonts, or provide your own TTF font. Text Photo supports multiple languages, and it is limited entirely by the font of your choice.



Control the result you get. By changing the parameters you can significantly change the output.

You can also apply post-processing effects, such as color enhancement and white balance if you are not planning further manual processing in Photoshop (Gimp) after.



Provide up to 20 words that are used for creating your typography art.

You can also input a comma-separated list of words and split it... this will create all words at the same time.


Alpha Channel

A fully transparent background is ignored and it stays as it is. This way you can blend images, and create only a partial typography effect.

aplha channel


Check out some samples on Flickr. Or even better... get the app and create some text artworks yourself.


You can reach us via email support@textphoto.app should you have any questions, suggestions, or you just want to get in touch.

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